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exclamation: expressing astonishment or admiration.
noun:  a sensational success
verb:  to impress and excite greatly

Wish Only Well

wish: to want to do something, to express a hope that someone has happiness, success, etc.
only: so and no otherwise
well: in a good or satisfactory way


The mission of WOW Zone is to spread a powerful message of hope, peace and goodwill.

We do it by associating a positive thought with a very popular word.

WOW stands for "Wish Only Well" - a fun and easy way to remember something good.

Please see the sidebar for an overview. Start by reading the Introduction to WOW also known as "The WOW Story". It's a true story that can change your life, for the better. The simple philosophy that it is based on touches millions of people around the world every day. 

The WOW Philosophy is powerful because it's simple and effective. It's a useful tool for Peaceful Conflict Resolution. It works for individuals as well as for social and global issues.

WOW is about discovering our own power and what makes us who we are. Our focus is on information about breakthroughs in health, literature, science, technology, and other major aspects of life that affect us every day. This, along with motivational and inspirational stories, articles, poetry, lyrics, and the creative input of great thinkers globally, are our tools for discovering our full potential, which allows each of us to help ourselves and our world in concrete ways.

WOW Zone contains thousands of pages in addition to a great variety of quality links, and is updated regularly. Our respectability and pioneering presence on the internet since June 1996  allows us to present exclusive high quality information that is not available elsewhere. 

We hope you enjoy your visit and will come back often. To return anytime, bookmark us now or find us by typing "wowzone" or " Wish Only Well" on any major search engine. 

WOW is sign, a movement, and a philosophy for The Third Millennium. Share WOW with your friends, and greet them in a beautiful way. 

Wish Only Well !

Carmen Colombo




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