Original Oil and Watercolor

Sam Francis Gatelaro

A Man for All Seasons

Sam Gatelaro, a Canadian, born in Montreal, showed a marked affinity for drawing and was encouraged to develop his talents in oils, pastels and watercolors as a student and friend of the late Thomas Hilton Garside, R.C.A. 

Like many of his friends, painters Francesco Iacurto, R.C.A., Umberto Bruni, R.C.A.,  Littorio Del Signore, Andrei Zadarozny, Helmut Gerth, Barbara Simmons, and Professor Armand Tatossian, R.C.A., Sam finds interest in all seasons, particularly in the fall or spring, when the rivers come seeping down the Laurentian slopes, with ice at the edges turning to jade and sapphire. He greatly appreciates the spectacular seasonal colors of Canada, particularly the Quebec regions of Charlevoix, the Laurentians and Rigaud. 

In addition to being a longtime friendship member of the Royal Academy in London, England, The Rockport Association, Sam completed three terms as President of the Montreal Arts Club, which was founded by the late William Maxwell and Maurice Cullen in 1912. He is also a member of the Westmount Independent Art Association, and the Kirkland Artists Association, where he currently resides. A description of his art works are included in the Magazine D'Art and The Guide Vallée,  Art Books of Canadian Artists.

Sam won numerous prizes for his work. His oil paintings were selected for the calendars of the Dupont Company of Canada, and the Canadian Aviation Electronics (CAE). His paintings are also at the Canadian Development Bank of Canada, the Bank of Montreal, and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, among others. Sam won the George Etienne Cartier Paint in the Park Award for watercolor in 1991 and for oil in 1992 and 1993. He received the Award of Excellence in 1994.

After a long and distinguished aviation career spanning over forty years, Sam pursues his artistic talents in oil and watercolors, for which he has become well known. His work continues to find a widening appreciation in Canada, the USA and abroad.

His lifetime ambition in the arts is to help promote upcoming artists, as well as those who make significant cultural contributions to their community. 

Sam Gatelaro, Oil & Watercolor Artist (wowzone.com)

Sam Gatelaro

Artist - Oil and Watercolor






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Original Art by Sam Gatelaro

This is the official website of Sam Gatelaro, world-renowned Oil and Watercolor Landscape Artist. You may have seen his Art on Calendars, or in Expositions, Corporate Offices, Government Offices, Fine Restaurants, and various other places. WOW Zone is proud to bring you a sampling of this great artist's work. For more information or if you wish to take an appointment to visit Sam Gatelaro's Studio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, please write to us.


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Photos with friends:

1) Montreal Arts Club

2) Prime Minister Paul Martin

3) Pope John Paul II


Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada
38"X50" Oil on Canvas

Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada
"Spring Thaw"
30X40 Oil on Canvas

Mount Stephen's Club
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Charlevoix Painting by Sam Gatelaro
August 2004


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